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  The Vertical Diet is the culmination of over 30 years of studying, researching, training, competing, coaching and dieting to improve body composition for optimal health and performance.

  The Vertical Diet is a performance-based nutritional framework with principles that are designed to be simple, sensible, and sustainable. These principles can be incorporated by anyone willing and able to make simple lifestyle changes to achieve greater health and wellness.

  The diet builds upon a solid foundation of highly bioavailable micronutrients to enhance metabolism and overall digestive health. This foundation of micronutrients supports a  structure of easily digestible macronutrients that can be adjusted specifically to meet your body’s demands.

  The fundamental principles of The Vertical Diet can and should be used to improve and optimize ANY diet program.

The Vertical Diet” is NOT:

×It’s NOT magic.

×It’s NOT some magical blend of macronutrient percentages

×It’s NOT some miraculous superfood or supplement protocol

×It’s NOT a restriction or starvation diet

×It’s NOT complicated

“The Vertical Diet” IS:

ØBased on Whole Foods

ØBased on Optimizing gut health

ØBased on Correcting nutrient deficiencies.

ØBased on Correcting hormone imbalances.

ØBased on improving energy, stamina, endurance, and recovery.

ØBased on improving health through sustainable lifestyle modifications

“The Vertical Diet” can be an effective tool for:




ØWeight loss

ØMuscle gain

ØPerformance athletics

ØHealth optimization

ØReducing GI distress


“The Vertical Diet” can be customized to individual needs:

ØLow Carb

ØHigh Carb

ØIntermittent Fasting


“The Vertical Diet” is being used by:

ØMen, Women, Boys, and Girls of all ages.

Ø'Dad Bods' and 'Soccer Moms'

ØNPC/IFBB Men & Women bodybuilding, bikini, figure, physique competitors.

ØAmateur/Pro Strongmen/Women

ØPowerlifter Men/Women

ØCrossFit competitors and CrossFit National Champions

ØNCAA/NFL Football

ØNCAA/Olympic Track and Field

ØAmateur/Professional MMA fighters

ØRecreational Athletes