Bigs University Seminar

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are proud to present:
“Bigs University”
“Exceed your genetic potential and live to tell about it”
A live, in person, hands-on, full-day seminar (9am-6pm) is scheduled for July 22nd in Las Vegas Nevada. 
Great for coaches, competitors and anyone trying to maximize their results.  Everyone takes away a customized plan specific for their goals along with the knowledge and resources to achieve them. 
We not only teach you what to do, we show you exactly how to do it. 
Join us at the “Bigs University” campus in Las Vegas Nevada where we’ll take you inside the kitchen and teach you how the pros eat (Lunch included in the tuition). 
Followed by Classroom instruction where we take a deep dive into our “Bigs University” textbook (also included). 
Finally, our Hands-on Strength, Hypertrophy, Power, Speed and Sport Specific Training taught in our Lab at Sin City Iron gym will help you achieve your goals.
We provide a candid and concise look into the Nutriton and training programs Ben and I have used and those we’ve designed and implemented with many of the greatest athletes in the World including NFL football players, Worlds Strongest Man competitors, IFBB Pro’s, World record holding Powerlifter’s, CrossFit champions, UFC champions, Olympic athletes and fitness professionals. 
And for those in their 40’s or 50’s like me that just wants to be Jacked and Tan, improve your bloodwork, optimize your health, have more energy, train pain free and increase your libido, we can help with that too. 
And ladies, Ben and I have worked with some of the most savage females on the planet including IFBB professional physique, figure and bikini competitors up to and including the Ms. Olympia level as well as the strongest female Powerlifter’s and worlds strongest woman competitors. 
Learn from our Special guest instructor, pro strongwoman, Powerlifter and physique competitor, Brittany Diamond.  
⁃ Limited space available 
⁃ Early bird special expires soon. 
Hope to see you there!
Sleep Optimization
Signs Your Sleep Quality Needs to Improve
How to Improve Your Sleep Quality
Sleep Myths
Sleep Apnea & How to Treat It
Dealing With Shift Work
NUTRITION - Vertical Diet deep dive: 
Determining Your Caloric Intake
Choosing What Foods to Eat
Training Your Appetite
Meal Timing
Peri-Workout Nutrition
Using the Scale Strategically
The Ideal Bodyfat for Growth
Dietary Supplements
Practical Application: Monster Mash Recipe
Practical Application: 30 Day Mini-Cut
Improve Digestion 
Warming Up
Training Splits
Training Twice Per Day
Exercise Selection
Determining Sets, Reps, and Training Volume
Measuring Effort
Progression Strategies
Improving Work Capacity
Managing Fatigue
Special Strategies
Training Equipment
How to Order a Blood Test
Understanding Your Bloodwork
What to Do If Your Glucose is High
What To Do If Your BUN or Creatinine Are High
What to Do If Your AST or ALT Are High
What to Do If Your Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, or RBC Are High
Blood Pressure
Fatty Liver  
Insulin resistance 
The Science of Pain
Preventing Injury
Healing Peptides
Recovering From Injury
Steroid Sourcing & Quality
How to Perform Injections
How to Measure Your Dosages
Estrogen Management
Libido Enhancement
Blasting & Cruising
Post Cycle Therapy
Growth Hormone
Female PED Use
⁃ Learn where to find science based resources and what to avoid. 
Congratulations!  You’re about to enroll in Bigs University.  As your instructors, we’re going to teach you everything we know about how to exceed your genetic potential and build supra-physiological size and strength.
This course represents the culmination of everything we’ve worked for throughout our training careers.  We refer to it as the C-list: from college, to competing, to coaching and being coached, to collaborating with other great athletes and professionals in the fitness industry, we’ve seen it all. 
Bigs University isn’t for the 99%.  It’s not for the general population.  We’re about improving your physique and your performance, not simply about weight loss.  Sure, some people might feel good on keto diets, intermittent fasting, or other fad approaches.  Other people might feel good spending hours and hours doing endless sets of curls and leg extensions in the gym.  There’s nothing wrong with doing what you enjoy, but we have fun making progress – and that’s what you’ll do using our approach.
Here at BigsU, we’re OUTCOME oriented.   We make recommendations based on what works.  That doesn’t mean we ignore scientific research; in fact, we’re going to give you references and synopses of important literature so that you can be a well-informed student of iron.  We just don’t want you to have to spend your time pouring over endless journals and textbooks to find what works.  We’re going to make it simple for you.
And lastly, let’s be clear about something very important: you should not have to sacrifice your health in your pursuit of size and strength.  We believe that if you make responsible decisions, you can get huge and live to tell about it.  We want to help you do exactly that. 
⁃ Limited space available 
⁃ Early bird special expires soon.