Marek Health is a premium concierge telehealth platform.

Patients are treated by world class Physicians and Patient Care Coordinators.

Those who are seeking self-service lab panels will also be able to find affordable services.


There are 3 options available in order to maximize your health with Marek.

1) Click Here to find the Stan Efferding Male/Female Lab Panel for $370 after entering code “StanEfferding”. This is an upgrade from my previous offerings.

  • Enter code “StanEfferding” at checkout and get $41 off the retailed $411 performance panel.
  • Optional “Report and Analysis” + $50
    • Receive a video call with your own Patient Care Coordinator for a customized lab report and personalized overview of your results. This is ideal for those unsure of what the markers indicate. (Physician consult still required for treatment. If you anticipate starting treatment, follow step #3)
  • Stan Efferding Lab Panel meets requirements to begin treatment at Marek Health



2) If you already know what labs you’re looking for;


Go to:

  • and use “StanEfferding10” for 10% off your first lab order       



3) If you want to optimize your health with HRT, TRT, Hair Loss Prevention, ED Treatment;


Go to:

  • to book your consultation and “Intake Evaluation”
    • A $250 deposit will guarantee you the opportunity to meet with your personal Patient Care Coordinator who will start you on the right track with the labs necessary before booking your appointment with a physician.
    • You can use your $250 deposit for services, labs or treatment.
    • Use code “StanEfferding10” over the phone for 10% off your first lab order.


Marek Health is the gold standard of telehealth platforms, ensuring our patients receive the best customer care and treatment possible. If you have any questions, please email us at and find us on Instagram.


Stan Efferding’s Lab Panel


Intake Evaluation