Stan Efferding is an IFBB Professional bodybuilder and World Record Holding Powerlifter. He is one of only 10 men in the world to ever total over 2,300 pounds raw in competition. Stan holds the title as the Worlds Strongest Bodybuilder. 

Stan studied Exercise Science at the University of Oregon and has been training high school, Collegiate, and Professional athletes for over 25 years.Stan conducts seminars all over the country for various sports and nutrition and training techniques. He has appeared in many magazines and writes for Muscular Development, Flex Magazine and Power Magazine.Stan is also a successful Entrepreneur having built three different start-up businesses into multi-million dollar companies.


  • Raw Bench press: 606.3 lbs (275 kg) 
  • Raw Squat - No knee wraps: 854 lbs @ 275lbs (World Record) 
  • Raw Deadlift: 837.2 lbs (380 kg) 
  • Equipped Deadlift: 825lbs (374.21 kg) 
  • Raw Total - No knee wraps: 2,226 lbs @ 275lbs (World Record) 
  • Raw Total - Knee wraps: 2,303 lbs @ 275lbs


  • 2012 Flex Pro 
  • 2011 Flex Pro
  • 2010 Europa Show of Champions 
  • 2010 Phoenix Pro
  • 2009 Masters Nationals, Super Heavyweight and Overall Champion, Earned IFBB Pro Card 
  • 2008 Emerald Cup, Heavyweight and Overall Champion 
  • 2006 Emerald Cup, Super Heavyweight Champion 
  • 1997 Emerald Cup 
  • 1996 Emerald Cup1992 Junior USA, Heavyweight, 6th 
  • 1991 Mr. Oregon Overall