Building A Career in the Fitness Industry: My Vertical Trainer


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If you're reading this, you're a personal trainer, prospective personal trainer, gym owner, manager, or instructor in the fitness industry. As you are aware, the fitness industry is one of the most competitive industries globally. The amount of personal trainers increases at an estimated 10% per year, and there are predicted to be 30,100 additional personal trainer jobs by 2026 which makes it a promising career to pursue. However, the personal trainer turnover rate remains high, with 90% quitting within their first year.

If you have a passion for fitness, have a desire to help other people, want to work for yourself on your own schedule, have work flexibility, and love connecting with people in your community - the fitness industry is a great place to be. But you don't want to be part of that 90% that quits within the first year - so what are YOU going to do to differentiate yourself and guarantee success? This ebook has all the answers.

It's important to understand that this isn't a 'get rich quick' scheme - if you're looking for that, you may as well stop reading now. Also, if you're NOT looking to train people in person, this program isn't for you. This ebook provides the highest level of insight into becoming a successful personal trainer, earning $100,000 per year from hard work, passion, and most importantly - implementing the strategies outlined in this ebook.
This ebook is written by real trainers who have achieved great success in the fitness industry that has sustained a substantial income for their entire career. If you want to be a trainer that succeeds and has a dream to turn your passion into your profit and your interest in your income - you've come to the right place. We hope you enjoy this ebook, use it as a tool throughout your career to guarantee your success and establish yourself as the best trainer around.